Customers who arrive as strangers and leave as friends

We are so lucky to have so many lovely customers who visit us again and again, sometimes twice in the same week! Our 2nd ever customer, Mrs R, has been every month without fail and I always know its her when she calls to book a table. I am now on first name terms with lots of our customers, sometimes I bump into them when I am out and about in Westbourne and we’ll stop and have a chat, others have insisted on buying me a drink and some have even introduced me to their families and friends, it’s such a rewarding feeling being part of such a wonderful community.

A lovely chap called Matt, who is a Westbourne local, got in touch with us because he was arranging a gig at a nearby venue and wanted to bring the bands along before the event. They were a fab group who included Adam Ant’s drummer and guitarist! We opened early for them and arranged a set menu to suit all the dietary requirements. As a thank you, we were given some VIP passes to the event and got to hang out with everyone, such a treat!

Providing excellent customer service is something I am extremely passionate about and it is so rare these days, but I sincerely want my customers to feel welcomed and relaxed when they visit Truly’s. Some people like to have a chat and others like to be left to enjoy their evening. I strive to exceed customers’ expectations, I have so many stories to share such as our local ingredients or how I curated the wine list… sometimes I have to hold myself back from sitting down and joining them!

Service isn’t just about the front of house engagement. The quality of the food, the presentation and the flavours that we share is just as important. Chef Adam is becoming quite the local celebrity, just last night I was asked by a table if he would come and say hello, and on arriving at the table he was greeted by a round of applause, such an overwhelming moment!

The biggest treat of all is when a customer comes back to see us and they greet me like an old friend!

A huge thank you to all of our customers but the biggest thank you goes to all of our new friends!

Published 01 May, 2019